When the phone rings and it’s another wedding vendor on the line asking to collaborate to create a lucky in love wedding photo shoot, the answer is “Yes!” This time, it was Andrea with Sloane & Ko – a highly decorated and experienced wedding planner in Kansas City. 

The vision for the shoot was crimson with accents in black and white. It’s moody, romantic and a few of our special effect pieces fit in perfectly. 

The first thing we brought was our cold sparks. They were situated on either side of the grand piano and illumined the space as the couple danced. The photographer captured the dance from all angles, showcasing truly how special cold sparks can appear in pictures.

The other item we brought was one of our fog cannons. Everyone had fun trying it out – it’s really an adult toy more than anything! But creativity took hold and some amazing photos were captured with the fog floating behind the black and red cake. Who knew they could be fun and artistic?!

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Enjoy the excitement of this event by watching the event video crafted by Omega Weddings.

Lucky in Love Wedding Photo Shoot Inspiration