28 Event Space

As the A/V partner at 28 Event Space and The Station, Icon Events offers you the chance to secure our award-winning services at discounted rates.

You can tailor and personalize all elements of our offerings to meet your event needs.

28 event space lighting by icon events group
wedding dance at 28 event space with spotlight from icon events group
28 event space first dance with twinkle lights




28 Pro




28 Mixologist

Mixologists effortlessly fuse and adapt tempo, combining multiple tracks to bring out the best elements of each song. Their live mixing skills keep the crowd engaged and energy high through the event – they’re the best at what they do.


wedding guests celebrate a fun reception with icon events group djing

Event Enhancements for 28 EVENT SPACE

Icon Events Ceremony Audio

Ceremony Audio

Venue Uplighting

Wireless uplights are the workhorse of our lighting options, offering unparalleled versatility and impact. From setting an ambient color for cocktails to syncing with the beat of the music during your dance party, they effortlessly create the mood you envision.

purple uplighting at 28 event space provided by icon events group

Pinspot Lighting

Pinspot lighting enhances your event’s décor, highlighting special elements you’ve dedicated time and effort to include. This technique elevates visual appeal and enhances photograph quality, focusing on the details you want highlighted.

Photo Booth

Photo booths bring a burst of fun to your event. Our Social GIF Booth is exactly what you need to bring fun and laughter to your event. 

Custom GObo

Illuminate your name (or company name) in lights! Each custom design is tailored to your specifications, and our array of templates can guide you seamlessly through the design process. Whether you lean towards a modern or formal aesthetic, we can create a perfect match for your event.

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