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Ray shares the story of icon...

Growing up in New Zealand (before the internet) movies were our only gateway to life and culture in the US. The movie “Juice” with Tupac as a DJ in New York is what sparked my initial interest in DJing, and with a pair of gifted turntables and a mixer I started my DJ journey…in my garage. 

Moving to the US meant I had to leave my DJ gear behind and put my dream on hold. After Uma and I were married, I saved up and bought pieces of gear one by one. So, I started out in our spare bedroom, then moved to the garage, and next thing you know we were throwing neighborhood parties every week. Surprisingly, a referral from the neighbors landed me my first paid gig, which was a Sweet 14 party (yeah that was a first for me too) and that’s when I knew this could be more than a hobby. 

In 2013, Uma and I decided to go all-in and turn my DJ passion into a business. In 2014, I hosted the Friday Night Mix on Mix 93.3 with Steve Serrano and was starting to book more and more gigs. I was a one man show for a few years, but in order to grow and scale I needed to build a team. 

Icon Events Group was born with a focus on client experience centered around live DJ events. Initially, this consisted of weddings and celebrations, but as our clients and their needs grew, we expanded to accommodate. Icon’s services grew into offering photo booths, lighting, event drapery and has since evolved into full-on event production. Our team thrives on challenges and elevating the client experience. 

Ultimately, we believe that every client we serve is an Icon, and our mission is to ensure that each Icon receives the utmost exceptional experience from us. We aim to be trendsetters and disruptors in the event industry. Our motto that we live by is #wedocoolshit

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