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Our lighting experts have the power to enhance or transform the atmosphere of your event, lighting makes all the difference.

At Icon Events, we offer a wide range of lighting solutions tailored to your event needs. We’ll guide you through our diverse options and design a personalized lighting package aligned with your event vision.

lighting services at hilton president in kansas city


Wireless uplights are the workhorse of our lighting options, offering unparalleled versatility and impact. From setting an ambient color for cocktails to syncing with the beat of the music during your dance party, they effortlessly create the mood you envision.

icon events group lighting services for cake pin spotting


Pinspot lighting enhances your event's décor, highlighting special elements you've dedicated time and effort to include. This technique elevates visual appeal and enhances photograph quality, focusing on the details you want highlighted.


Our spotlight highlights the focal points of your event, ensuring all eyes are on the moments that matter, whether it's a speaker making a contribution or a couple sharing their first dance together.

wedding couple snuggled up close next to their custom monogram created by icon events group for their wedding


Illuminate your name (or company name) in lights! Each custom design is tailored to your specifications, and our array of templates can guide you seamlessly through the process. Whether you lean towards a modern or formal aesthetic, we can create a perfect match for your event.

icon events provides smoke and lighting to create a unique shot for a couple during their first dance in kansas city


Synchronized to the rhythm of the music, our dynamic lights not only elevate the energy but also grant your guests the celebration they've always dreamed of, taking your party to an unparalleled level of excitement. Whether it's slow dances or upbeat tunes, we've got your lighting covered.

innovative lighting services like projection mapping on a table


Our expertise in projection mapping utilizes advanced technology to project dynamic visuals onto various surfaces, transcending event boundaries and captivating guests.

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